My Lovable Creature of Habit

We all have our routines and most of us feel uneasy if we stray too far off the path of our comfortable bubble on a weekly basis.  I had never really thought about an animal having a routine, but really when you start to think about it it kinda starts to make sense…I mean really what exciting activity are they going to spontaneously  do if not by our prompting?

I started watching Macy, and in the morning and evening are when you can really count on her to pretty much follow the same pattern.  In the morning it starts simply.

-open her crate

-quickly be-line for the back door

-eliminate with a sigh of relief

-come inside, sit at door to garage and wait for humans to get the hint and fill the food bowl

-go back outside for the morning bowl movement

-come back inside and usher mom over to the couch no matter what important business she may be up to.

-refuse to lay down on couch unless mom is sitting on couch

-fall back asleep from sheer exhaustion of the mornings 10min routine

Her nightly routine is fairly similar but a lot less steps

-help mom and dad put Xander to bed

-get feed my last meal of the day

– back outside for one last sniff and potty break

-wander in to see what the humans are up to

-decide it’s time to call it a night, now to find a comfy place to sleep

-walk up the couch where mom and Dad are comfortably sitting, watching TV

-stare at them til they get the hint that they need to make some space for me

-worm my way in between them and drown out their TV noise with my snoring

It’s actually pretty nice to be able to count on her and what she will do when, however not so nice when you don’t comply with her routine, of which you are an integral part of.  Trust me she lets you know if you aren’t holding up your end!


Did This Thing Come With A Warranty

So normally when I purchase big ticket items I pass on the eagerly offered protection plan and or extended warranty.  It’s not because I don’t want the poor soul to earn that extra 2% commission or that I think I’m immune to the proverbial shit hitting the fan.  I guess you could just say I’m a risk taker, or stupid…depending on if you buy these plans yourself.  All that to say if a protection plan would have been offered with Macy I would go back and take it in a heartbeat.  I swear this dog has more issues than an 80 year old leper.

Every time I turn around we are goggling a new system she has, cleaning up vomit, and or popping her a tasty pill cocktail.  I will say that even after all the expense and extra unforeseen work, she is totally worth every penny…but if we have a break for awhile you wont hear me complaining.

Earth Day Macy

A few weekends ago we got blessed with some beautiful weather and sunshine for our towns local Earth Day festivities so we thought what better way to spend our Sunday than to go out and enjoy this great planet with the greatest dog.

She actually did a great job with all of the activity and people around her.  I think the part she had the hardest time with was the heat and sun beating down on her which she had rarely experienced yet. Luckily our town is pretty dog friendly and many business have doggie watering stations outside their shops.  We also made sure to give her plenty of opportunities to rest and adequate shade to do it in.  Macy being naturally stubborn however preferred the sun, what can you do huh, a Dane will do what a Danes gonna do!

You Want Me To Stick My What In Her Where?

Oh the joys of dog ownership!  Its funny when you’re gearing up for that new puppy you seem to forget all the bad/nasty/inconvenient parts of being a dog owner and instead focus all your energy on how soft he or she will be when you rub your face on them.

One morning while lounging on the couch enjoying my morning coffee and news show I began to smell something quite repulsive. I’m not talking bad B.O or wet cat smell I’m talking full on something is dying is a small damp crevice somewhere repulsive.  If I had to describe it in any way I would say it was like a bucket or rotten fish mixed with copper.  Ughh just reliving this through written word is churning my stomach.  Needless to say I began to frantically search for this repulsive intruder with a mixture of dread and urgency.

After sniffing around the house looking like a deranged bloodhound on stilts my nose settled on the culprit.  MACY.  This was quite perplexing as I had never smelled this odor from her, and trust me she has her fair share.  My first thoughts were gas, something she ate, something she rolled in, but the later two were quickly ruled out as it was too early in the morning for her to accomplish either of these tasks.  This left me with the least pleasant culprit, her butt.  This is where it gets a little hairy for me, I mean I have to rule that this is  the actual emission of this horrible stench.  so you guessed it I put on my brave face and sniffed down by her butt…yeah that’s right, not my proudest moment but it had to be done.

Overwhelming, literally, evidence proved my hypothesis right.  So what does any good blue blooded American housewife do to find a solution to this problem.  Google it of course! It didn’t take a lot of searching to confirm that this horrid scent was indeed her anal gland and because the scent was so prominent needed to be “squeezed” so to speak.

Meanwhile the scent still lingered around the couch long after Macy had gone on about her day.  This led my logical mind to only one possible conclusion….she had leaked on the couch. Oh gosh yeah not one of those memories you want seared into your upholstery for the rest of time.  “ah yes here was the wine split when he proposed, oh and over here is when little Xander ate his first solid and spilled, oh and this one over here is where our dog’s anus leaked”…no not desirable.  I immediately leapt into action scrubbing the area with every known cleaner, disinfectant, air freshener I could get my hands on.

When I felt pleased that the scent/stain was gone I began my next battle, figuring out how to stop this atrocity from continuing to occur and or occurring EVER again.  Jason suggested we watch some YouTube videos on how to uh, DIY a “squeeze”.  The first video was fairly harmless and showed us where to push just below her bum to get the desired result. We can do this we smugly said to ourselves but thought we better watch at least one more before we dug in so to speak.  The next video was so down right disturbing I had to look away….I will save you all the details lets just say they chose a more invasive tactic..

We quickly applied our best judgement and promptly took her to the vet the next morning…I mean after all they are the professionals right?

Mr. Enforcement turned Mr. Softie

One will never know if it was my charm or hers.  Heck maybe it was a combination of the two.  All I know is it was a bonified miracle.  I show you evidence #1!

Yes you saw it here first folks, the Dane is on the couch…now let’s rewind 4 months shall we?

I had been doing a fair amount of research on our new puppy and was a wealth of overflowing information which of course I would regurgitate to my husband every night around the dinner table.  One night in particular I decided to tell him the staggering amount of info I had found on this breed being called couch potato’s.   Now my husband is of the mindset a dog is a dog not a human, and has no place being on the furniture.  I had no intent of having said dog on furniture I just thought I would pass along some humorous information.  Bad idea…what followed was well over 2 hours discussing, or better yet arguing about every reason under the sun why our dog would never be on the couch.  We are talking full on spousal spat over a dog…on the couch…  Needless to say the argument ended with me dumbfounded and my husband quite proud on winning his case.  I had simply mentioned how cool it “theoretically” would be to have a lap full of Great Dane and he heard, I WANT THE DOG ON THE COUCH!!!!  See even the happiest of married couples has communication and listening problems.

Now in reality I could care less about whether the dog is on the couch, on the roof, under the table…not important to me.  Because I love my husband, I want to honor his preference, so no dog on couch, got it!

Therefore I am sure you can imagine my surprise when while watching TV the other night Miss Macy comes and places her head on my husbands lap and he proceeds to invite her up on the couch…My jaw dropped in disbelief and I about fell off the couch.

Of course it’s never nice to say I told you so, but I think you will all agree with me that every once in a while there arises such an occasion that the universe grants you an exception. 🙂

Free Ride Rover

I don’t think I have ever met a dog in my life that enjoys a car ride as much as Macy.  She turns into a whole different dog when she enters a vehicle, it’s really quite amazing.

If you remember my post on her alternate ego you know that she can be quite energetic and rambunctious.  Stick that crazy Dane in a car though and she becomes as meek as a mouse…a very large grey mouse.

Now I do understand that as the rest of her catches up to her giant paws we will have to play around with her seating arrangements a bit but for now she finds herself perfectly at home in the center of the bucket seat in the truck happily nestled in the backseat of the car next to my son.

No matter where our destination or the length of our adventure so far I can count on her to be a perfectly passive passenger.

A Dog and Her Boy

My main goal in wanting this breed for our family was how gentle I had observed them being around children.  I am pleased to let you know that she hasn’t disappointed.  Obviously aside from regular puppy energy and the occasional Scary Spice outburst she does incredible with him.  She lavishes kisses on him, wants to be wherever he is, lets him crawl all over her and loves when he plays with her.  I’m really looking forward to them growing up together and becoming best of friends.  We have had to remind him a few times of how one treats animals.  I am a big proponent of teach children how to behave rather than treating your dog to withstand anything a toddler or baby can throw at them.  I do realize the dog needs to be trained a certain amount of patience and gentleness, but I also think a child needs to know the healthy boundaries of animals as well.  Enough boring talk already….I just can’t help snapping pics of them together it just warms my heart so fair warning there may be many more of these posts to come!